Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Transit Dubai

Fuhh dugaan untuk mengupdate blog very difficult uollsss. Kerja tok sah dok habaq berderet-deret
Ok here goes my travelling story~~~

Before menjejak kan kaki di Turki, singgah sebentar kat Dubai.
Before this I never experienced transit for mostly 18 hours, so with lil experienced weollss redah kan aje.
At first we arrived in Dubai Airport around 10 o'clock, then of cause it almost midnight so we slept at Dubai airport.
Don't worry because Dubai airport has a lot of this kind of sleeping chair. You just have to choose one! 

So, after Subuh prayer we having breakfast. Thanks to Emirates we got free breakfast coupon. Banyak choices of breakfast from Indian style, Thai food, Fast food and English style food. So, dalam banyak-banyak kedai I choose Thai food cause it is close to our Malay food style. Pepagi dah makan nasi goreng banyak pulak tuh.kehkeh. 

After breakfast semua we decided to go out from the airport. Tips to go out from the airport just find the immigration counter and said ' My flight this evening so can we go out from the airport and we are Malaysia passport holder'. Then they will confirm that you can go out and no need any fees. And make sure asked those questions to pak arab or mak arab cause most of the foreign worker there might not known about it. Most of the workers in the airport are from south east asia especially philippines. So basically you feel just like in Malaysia!

We decided to tour around Dubai by Metro Dubai. Basically we just ride the train at the airport station and exit at the end of station. Then, ride again and stop at Burj Khalifah Dubai Mall station to walk around the town. At that time it was summer so bare your body and mind to walk around +30 degree celcius!

Inside Dubai Metro

From train view

Burj Khalifah

Area around Burj Khalifah

Backpackers style

Monument in front of Dubai Mall


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